Some Considerations When Booking A Wedding DJ

January 30, 2017 - 5 minutes read

5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Wedding DJ

There are often many questions that may arise when booking a DJ for your Wedding. Here are a few among others that could be considered before booking your DJ;

1 – Is this the DJ’s full time job?

Many DJ’s juggle a hectic 9-5 schedule as well as DJ’ing on the side. Whilst this is fine, it often can compromise the attention paid towards making your wedding a success.

When a DJ is focused on their occupation as a full time endeavor, then often they will go the extra mile in planning and coordination of the evening, as well as being available for consultation throughout the week to discuss the event.

2 – When dealing with agencies, will the DJ I asked for be at the event?

With entertainment agencies, there is often a large roster of DJ’s. Whilst this allows for a backup DJ to be sourced at late notice if anything may happen to the original DJ, it also can mean that your DJ could be switched at the last minute to accommodate other functions or holiday breaks.

Entertainment at wedding receptions often require planning with playlists and the run of the evening being discussed, therefore, switching the DJ could cause problems, also the DJ could be switched for a DJ that is of a different style or demeanor, conflicting with interests.

3 – How much will the DJ charge?

There is often a wide discrepancy when it comes to pricing when booking your wedding DJ. Inexperienced DJ’s may charge a lower fee, often lower than £200.

While getting a bargain price for a DJ may seem effective on keeping costs down for the day, it may be a mistake as the DJ might not have much experience in performing at weddings. There is a lot more to being a wedding DJ than just playing music.

The right music must be chosen in order to keep all the guests happy, as well as organisation of all of the evenings proceedings. Booking an inexperienced and inexpensive DJ could lead to many regrets after an evening of confusion and disappointment.

4 – How will the DJ handle requests?

On some events, the DJ will get inundated with requests from guests. If a DJ were to play every single request that guests ask for, then the flow of the evening would be subject to disruption.

For example, if a guest asks for a slow ballad in between a set of up to date dance and chart music, then the vibe of the dancefloor would be ruined if the DJ were to play the request.

Having a quality control of requests is a duty that the DJ must have. Selecting the right requests for the right points in the evening is the best way to deal with this. This allows for guests to be happy with their songs being played, as well as the energy on the dancefloor being maintained.
Requests made by the bride and groom before the event can be worked into the evening with prior consideration. Having slower songs being played during the buffet and near the end of the night, and having songs of certain genre played at the right times can keep guests engaged at the right times and keep the energy going in the evening.

5 – Does the DJ drink and smoke during the course of the evening?

Some DJ’s perceive that drinking at the wedding reception is an acceptable practice. This can compromise judgement of the DJ and cause problems, especially when it comes to interaction with guests. Personally, I find that drinking at the wedding reception is unacceptable, and should not be done by professional wedding DJ’s.

Smoking can also be considered a disruptive practice as it can interrupt the flow of the evening, with the DJ having to take cigarette breaks during the performance.